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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do championships bring money or does money bring championships?

Forbes has an article out about how much money SEC schools earn and spend on their football programs. Its very interesting....and explains why my bulldogs have sucked the past few years. Below are revenues and expenses for the 12 SEC schools from 7/1/09-7/30/10. Unfortunately, Auburn kept its Cam Newton payments off its balance sheet.

Stadium CapacityFootball Revenue
1Univ. of Alabama101,821$71,884,525.00
2Univ. of Georgia92,746$70,838,539.00
3Louisiana State Univ.92,400$68,819,806.00
4Univ. of Florida88,548$68,715,750.00
5Auburn Univ.87,451$66,162,720.00
6Univ. of South Carolina80,250$58,266,159.00
7Univ. of Tennessee102,037$56,593,946.00
8Univ. of Arkansas76,000$48,524,244.00
9Univ. of Kentucky67,606$31,890,572.00
10Mississippi State Univ.55,082$14,551,275.00
11Vanderbilt Univ.41,448$14,152,061.00
12Univ. of Mississippi60,580$11,920,510.00

Football Expenses
1Univ. of Alabama$31,118,134.00
2Auburn Univ.$27,911,713.00
3Louisiana State Univ.$25,566,520.00
4Univ. of Florida$24,457,557.00
5Univ. of South Carolina$22,794,211.00
6Univ. of Arkansas$22,005,104.00
7Univ. of Georgia$18,308,654.00
8Univ. of Tennessee$17,357,345.00
9Vanderbilt Univ.$14,152,061.00
10Univ. of Kentucky$13,905,724.00
11Univ. of Mississippi$11,920,510.00
12Mississippi State Univ.$9,951,097.00

Football Profit
1Univ. of Georgia$52,529,885.00
2Univ. of Florida$44,258,193.00
3Louisiana State Univ.$43,253,286.00
4Univ. of Alabama$40,766,391.00
5Univ. of Tennessee$39,236,601.00
6Auburn Univ.$38,251,007.00
7Univ. of South Carolina$35,471,948.00
8Univ. of Arkansas$26,519,140.00
9Univ. of Kentucky$17,984,848.00
10Mississippi State Univ.$4,600,178.00
11Vanderbilt Univ.$0.00
12Univ. of Mississippi$0.00

While I can't brag about any national championships, I can brag that my school is the most frugal in the SEC! Perhaps this is why UGA can't win national championships.....or the liberty bowl.

These following paragrpah from the article sum it all up:

"Georgia isn’t just #1 in the SEC in terms of profits, they’re #2 in the entire country behind Texas.
If you do the math, Georgia is only putting 25.8% of their football revenue back into the program. Meanwhile, the 2009 National Champion, Alabama, was putting 43.3% back into their program, and the 2010 National Champion, Auburn, invested 42.2 percent. Is there perhaps a correlation between this and results on the field? Georgia went 7-5 in 2009 and just 6-6 in 2010. Comparing Georgia to Texas, who is the only school with bigger profits from football, the two are spending at about the same rate, with Texas putting 26.7% back into their program.  However, Texas is spending $25,112,331 to Georgia’s $18,308,654."

I think it's time for UGA to make it rain!

Russ and Uga think it's time for Uncle ScrooGA to share the wealth!


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